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Jenny Albano

Man Wins Malpractice Suit After Losing Part of Leg

A man from Baldwin, Wisconsin was awarded over $3 million for the loss of part of his left leg.

Jim Lang went to Dr. Gregory Estlund in 2003 after injuring his leg while working at a factory…

Joe Stanley

Banks ,Insurance Companies and Accidents

The subprime mess show to what extremes the financial institutions will go to protect the bottom line.In what could be a a key ruling for those of us hoping to learn more about shady subprime lending practices, a bankruptcy judge has given New Century Financial until February 6 to turn over a report of an investigation into the firm’s cash handling practices to bankruptcy monitors..This is an…

Joe Stanley

Medical Malpractice Truths

The facts about medical malpractice need to be told. Most of the information that people believe are myths generated by the health care industry. The facts are astounding. Currently, attorneys and patients have no way of knowing who these bad doctors are because the National Practitioner Data Base’s public use file conceals practitioners’ personal information. Public Citizen urged Congress to…

Joe Stanley

Medical Malpractice Reporting

The fact that doctors do not want to report medical mistakesWASHINGTON (Reuters) – Nearly half of all U.S. doctors fail to report incompetent or unethical colleagues, even though they agree that such mistakes should be reported, researchers said on Monday.does not come as a shock to those involved in medical malpractice work. What this demonstrates is that medical malpractice law suits are just…

Joe Stanley

Nursing Home Problems

The federal government has fined a Syracuse nursing home $215,212.50 for widespread medication errors and other serious problems. The fine demonstrates the serious problem with the care of the old and disabled/ If you have any loved ones in a nursing home visit them frequently and record any problems you see with the care. Follow up with written complaints.This will insure the best care…

Joe Stanley

Medtronics recall

The recent medtronics recall demonstrates the many issues that can arise in medical treatment. Errors by medical professionals can combine with equipment failures to cause serious harm. Always investigate any hardware that is being used in a medical procedure. An ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure.For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Drugs, Medical…

Joe Stanley

Medical Malpractice Truths and Reality

I received an email from an organization purporting to be an advocate for patients> The email was advocating extensive reform of the medical malpractice laws as a solution to Americas health care crisis. The solution to Americas health care crisis is not the regulation of of lawsuits by those harmed by a broken system. The solution lies in reforming the fundamental nature of our health care…

Joe Stanley

Medical Malpractice

As A lawyer directly involved in the medical malpractice debate I have personal experiences that reflect the true nature of the problem. Lawyers and lawsuits are not the cause of any so called medical malpractice crisis. In fact given the sorry state of the health care system in this country lawyers are the last and sometimes only line of defense for those who are negligently and carelessly…

Joe Stanley

Over the Counter Remedies

Sunscreen WarningsCritics Warn Labels Mislead Shoppers and Need Regulation. This study shows the dangers unsuspecting consumers face in shopping for ordinary over the counter remedies. Labels are misleading unclear or worse. The government seems to follow the rule let the buyer beware. Sounds like the snake oil days of the 19th century. Call your representatives and demand a change to this…

Joe Stanley

Hospital Safety

Everyone should be involved in their own medical care do not be afraid to ask questions and research the hospital and its facilities. Check out http://www.jointcommission.org/PatientSafety/DoNotUseList/ this website and the associated links. Contact the New York Health Department for further informationhttp://www.health.state.ny.us/.Better to be safe than sorry.