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Jenny Albano

Fisher-Price Recalls Almost 1 Million Toys Due to Lead in Paint

The CPSC and Fisher-Price Inc. are recalling 967,000 toys because the surface paint contains too much lead. Lead is toxic and if it is ingested by children, lead can cause health problems. Over 83 different types of toys are included in the recall, such as popular Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer toys. The recalled toys were manufactured in China and were then distributed in stores all…

Joe Stanley

Accidents and Surgery

Construction sites are a dangerous place. Serious back injuries occur frequently. The treatment can be long and painful and not always successful. Does Anyone ‘Need’ Spine Surgery?Elective Surgery for Back Pain: Facts and Myths This article gives some insight to the treatment of low back disorders.If you are injured in a car crash fall or any kind of accident this is good reading.For more…

Joe Stanley

Motorcycle Safety

“Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Scriba”. Another fatal motorcycle crash. Please be careful if you are tired or have any reason to believe you shouldn’t drive don,t!.Don’t let anyone else drive who cannot safely do so.If you need more information, please refer to our section detailing injuries related to automobile & motorcycle accidents.

Joe Stanley

Be Safe Watch for the Other Guy

It is a holiday weekend. Accidents and injuries skyrocket at this time. Car accidents and crashes increase. In 2005, highway crashes killed 33,329 motor vehicle occupants, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Over 55 percent of those victims were not wearing their safety restraints, which is why state trooper patrols will be nestled in areas around the state to catch…

Joe Stanley

Its spring please be careful and watch for motorcycles

Motorcycles can be hard to see. They have the same right to use the roads as cars and trucks. Please watch out for them and avoid accidents. Motorcycle drivers have very little protection.

Joe Stanley

Abuse of lawsuits? Does anyone care when big business brings questionable lawsuits

Another example of the big business insurance company hypocrisy. The continuing pursuit of college students and others for music downloading. Check out this article does anyone care?http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070513/ap_en_ot/music_piratesBut The same groups complain about lawsuits for car accident motorcycles , slip and fall and construction accidents. The system is fair and should be…

Rob Quattrocci

Car Insurance – Syracuse, Watertown

Few people are aware of the different part of there car insurance policy. In fact, I would guess that most people do not even read there policy. However, the policy contains many different provisions and it is very important to understand the different sections.First, we are all aware that we have liability coverage in the event that we strike/injure another person. The minimum limit in New…

Joe Stanley

Car crashes and young drivers

Upstate New york has been ravaged over the last several years by tragic car accidents involving teenagers – the latest being two F-M students. It would be nice if their was an easy solution but there is not. Education and training is the best way to show young drivers the risks and dangers of operating cars motorcycles trucks snowmobiles and ATVs. As an attorney handling personal injury claims…

Rob Quattrocci

Dog Bites – Watertown – The one free bite rule

In New York we have law in effect that requires someone injured by a dog to show that the dog had prior vicious propensities. This can be shown in a number of ways including showing that the dog had bitten someone else prior to your bite or by showing that the dog exhibited vicious tendencies such as bearing his teeth, growling etc. Showing that a dog had prior vicious propensities can be very…

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