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Joe Stanley

School Districts and Legal Responsibility

School Districts have a special responsibility to take care of our children. They sit in the shoes of parents during the school day. Parents need to work with their school district to keep our children safe. Children are at risk for falls , bus accidents, and attacks from other students. If any thing goes wrong much sure a report is filed. Claims against school districts generally require…

Joe Stanley

Insurance and Notices of Accidents

Most people fail to realize that even if they have liability insurance that does not mean that their insurance company will come to their defense if they get sued. Especially in New York. New York Unlike most states does not require insurance companies to be prejudiced if their insureds fail to comply with some technical and unfamiliar rule in the insurance policy.New Yorks legislature passed a…

Joe Stanley

Outdoor Recreation and Injuries

14-year-old Girl Rescued from Chittenango Falls Gorge. This story represents the hazzards that lurk when we enjoy the outdoors. Be careful and appreciate the dangers of nature.When in large groups make sure everyone knows the general safety rules and what to do if there is a fall.For mor information on this subject matter, please see our section on Premises Liability.

Joe Stanley

Accidents and Insurance Companies

Do not assume your insurance company has your best interest at heart. If you are involved in any type of vehicle crash or suffer any serious personal injury you must beware in pursuing your legal rights. In The Growing Problem of Insurance Underpayment, by Todd A. Smith & Shoshana T. Bookson, the authors discuss the difficulty an average citizen has in pursuing a claim and in being assured they…

Joe Stanley

Scuba Diving and Common Sense

: Police Identify Scuba Diver Found Dead in Lake. This story highlights what can happen if we dont investigate and evaluate experts who are involved in some type of hazardous activity. If you are trusting your safety or your financial security to someone check them out. the same goes for attorneys Talk with them and personally evaluate what they do and can do for you in any car crash or any…

Rob Quattrocci

Workers Compensation – Workplace Injuries

Slip and falls are extremely common in the workplace as well as at home. Adults over the ageof 65 are even more prone as they can no longer take evasive action when presented with anemergency.But falling is not just a problem of the elderly. In the workplace, about a quarter-million workers each year suffer injuries from falls that are bad enough to make them take time off, according to the…

Joe Stanley

65,000,000.00 Pants Lawsuit Outrageous and Untrue Reflection of American Justice System

The news is full of stories about the 65,000,00.00 pants lawsuit. It is being used by the insurance industry and those seeking to limit the rights of injured people as an example of a “frivolous lawsuit”ABC NewsThis is not news. The claim is a joke and has no relationship to the judicial system. Our system allows people to attempt stupid things but they are appropriately punished if they are…

Chrissie Cole

Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability is a law that makes the person or possession of the premise responsible for any injuries that happen on his or her property. A common premises liability case that often comes to mind is the one where someone slips on a wet floor, falls and breaks their leg. Then they sue the person or company for not having a caution sign in clear and visible site. While this is a good example…