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Lawsuit Alleges Doctors Botched Birth

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Doctors botched a breach birth, causing a child to suffer numerous medical problems, alleges a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

A statement of claim filed by the Mother of the child alleges doctors didn’t discover soon enough that the baby wasn’t in the proper birthing position. Had they done so, the baby could have been moved while still inside the mother’s womb so that she could be delivered properly, or by caesarian section.

The suit seeks $3,275,000 for the child, who will turn two on Sunday and $600,000 for the child’s mother.

Due to the child being born during an emergency breach delivery, she suffered several injuries, including a condition where her neck only turns to only one side. She also suffered auditory, visual and speech impairment along with developmental delays as a result of negligence, the claim alleges.

The lawsuit names nine doctors along with Calgary Health Regions as defendants. Statements of defense have yet to be filed.