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Man Wins Malpractice Suit After Losing Part of Leg

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A man from Baldwin, Wisconsin was awarded over $3 million for the loss of part of his left leg. 

Jim Lang went to Dr. Gregory Estlund in 2003 after injuring his leg while working at a factory in Hammond. After failing to get relief, he returned to see Estlund at least four more times before seeing a specialist.

Lang was taken into surgery the day he went in to see the specialist because of reduced blood flow in his leg and muscle and nerve damage.  After surgery Lang never regained feeling in the lower half of his left leg.  He eventually had to have the bottom half of his leg amputated in 2004. 

A jury in St. Croix awarded Lang $3.2 million for the malpractice suit against Dr. Estlund, finding the doctors treatment of the patient negligent.